Monday, 26 April 2010

Lovely Lilacs

Well the lilacs sure bloomed early this year, the trouble is the weather isn't the best for sitting out by the tree to enjoy the flowers and scent. On Thur April 22 when I took the photos it was a lovely day, but not pleasant for sitting with the neighbours having a tree service working, between the chainsaws and chipper machine it was very noisy. I am glad I got the photos that day though. On Friday it was cloudy, but nice enough to sit, unfortunately by the time I did some errands, refreshed a bit and was ready to sit outside it was raining again. So here are some of the photos for you to enjoy with me. The last photo is a bit of digital editing I worked on to make an art image and to use as a journal page background.


Yogi said...

very nice. Mine is still in bud stage, no where near to blooming. Plus we had horizontal snow on Saturday. Sunday was nice, cool but sunny.
Bummer about the little bird that will not be...

Anonymous said...

I love your digital lilacs, top notch, would make a nice anything.