Thursday, 14 February 2013

Queen of Hearts Challenge

I haven't been posting for a very long time, I hope I'm back on a regular bases now. I missed last years Quietfire Design Queen of Hearts challenge, but I had some fun playing this year. I have a couple of projects and was working on a needle felted wristband with a heart, not quite done with that so I'll have to show that in a future post. 
Queen of Hearts Mixed Media Canvas

Queen of Hearts Mixed Media Canvas Journal Page
I spread gesso on a 5.5in X 7.5in piece of canvas fabric. While the gesso was still wet I rubbed on red iron oxide craft acrylic paint and pressed a texured paper towel in and lifted it off. I drew several concentrec heart shapes in the wet gesso with the end of a paintbrush. Once dry I added more iron oxide, turquoise and cinnamon brown paint.
The abouve right photo is the finished canvas, with a needle felted heart added and glued into my recycled journal.

Queen of Hearts Mixed Media Canva
Queen of Hearts Mixed Media Canvas finished
This is another raw canvas with gesso and craft paint. It is about 7.5in X 11in. It's hard to see, but I used a Quietfire Design flourish stamp and some Inca Gold as well.

This is the finished canvas with a needle felted heart and a pendant charm. I plan to make a background on an artist canvas and mount this piece.