Monday, 29 December 2008

Bee Tag Set 2

Bee Tag Set 2
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Here is some more of the tags for my "Tell The Bees" tag book. I made two versions of the Garden Buddies and I'm not sure which one I'll use, but I' m leaning towards the funky flower background.

Felt Wrap

Felt Wrap
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I've uploaded all the pages from my book for the 12 Days of Christmas swap to my Flickr account. Here is a link for the slide show

or just click on the photo to go to this set of photos.

Bee Tag Set 1

Bee Tag Set 1
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I've been working on some tags to make my own version of a "Tell The Bees" tag book. These are what I've done so far. Most of the images are collage images from PC Crafter. I've used a distressing tool, chalks and Vintage Photo" distress ink. I also painted Making Memories Asphalt paint on sequin waist and pressed in on to a tag painted with Making Memories Shopping Bag paint.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Last Group of Journal Gifts

These are more of the felt knit journals for the 12 Days of Christmas swap. Judy, Louise and mine are fastened to the o-wires of the Zutter journal with half hitch cords with shell buttons on the spine. Judy's has a garter clip fastener, Louise's is tied with ribbon ties, Wendy's is a crochet cord held in place with a button and wrapped around the journal and mine is also a crochet cord with a button that the cord is wrapped around to hold it closed. For fastening Wendy's felt cover to the journal, I let my rebellious muse out again and did free-form crochet chain loops. This is the first time I have done felt knitting and it was a fun adventure. The first part of the journal has some of my artwork and favourite quotes and the last half is blank or background pages for the recipients to add in some of their own favourites. I will show some of the pages in my next post and maybe some of the covers under the felt which are all done with handmade papers.

More of the Journals

This is the next group of the journals I made for the 12 Days of Christmas Gift swap and this time I had four finished at one time and was able to photograph the stack. Usually the gifts were mailed at different times in order to get to the most distant destinations on time. The journals for Linda T., Jane, Nicolette and Carolyn are more felt knit covers with half hitch cords or lace ribbon to hold the felt covers to the Zutter bound books. most have shell buttons on the spine, two have ribbon ties, 1 has a garter clip and one has a sleeve clip for a closure. I didn't keep track of which one was sent to each of them, so I hope these ladies will leave a comment to let me know. The last group will be posted in a while.

My Gifts For The 12 Days of Christmas Swap

Now that my day 9 gifts have been opened I can show you the 13 books I made. The ones for Melanie, Beth, Linda C. and Kristy are knit with various wool yarns then felted in the washing machine with hot water wash and cold water rinse. I used ties, lace ribbon or half hitch knots to fasten the felted covers to the Zutter Bind-it-all books. To fasten the covers closed I used garters or sleeve clips. The cover for our hostess, Mary-Beth was the only one made differently. For hers I used a piece of felt I made a long time ago and recently found in my stash. This piece was made by laying wool roving in the brown and white pattern, basting it between fine netting and felting in the washing machine with hot water wash and cold rinse. I cut the felt to size and let my rebellious muse out to couch yarn leftover from one of the other knit covers in a random design. Although i usually like things finished neatly, I left the ends hanging out of the edges, and used a garter clip for the closure. I'll continue with the rest of the books in a new posts in a little while.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Christmas Stocking

Whatever way you celebrate, I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. In keeping with the season I just dug another project out of my PNE and IPE entries bin. This is crazy quilt with silk ribbon embroidery, charms and buttons. My entry won Best in Class for Christmas Stocking at the PNE in 1997 and first place for silk ribbon embroidery at the IPE in 1998.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Monthly ATC Swaps for December

The theme for this months ATC swap at the Grind is hands, and I have not managed to create for the theme before, but I did this time. It's great that I came across a bag full of fun foam hands and feet so I figured I could do something this time. I cut watercolour paper to ATC size and glued the foam hands on. These were painted with gesso and when dry they were painted with aqua or pink craft acrilyc paint mixed with white sparkle gel. After the paint was dry I stamped with an alphabet background stamp. The letters are computer generated "die cuts" printed and cut then glued on the cards.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Monthly ATC Swaps for December

On Sat and Sun I completed 27 ATCs, now I will select some to send to Yogi for her Byhand Artists monthly swap and take the rest to the monthly swap at the Grind in Vancouvernext Sunday. The last 2 groups "Starry Night" series are white or burgandy organza on blue or pink cardstock. All the images are from the Ten Two Studio Christmas Countdown. I used various charms, fibres and peel-offs to embellish.
The first group "Winter Wishes: series started with a background painted on watercolour paper. I coated the paper with matt medium and painted Vancouver Grey, African Violet and Paper Bag acrylic paint on while the gel medium was still wet, blending some of the colours and wiping some of the colour off in areas. When dry I stamped with a flower and flourish foam stamps with Spotlight acrylic paint. This was scanned and reduced in size for the background of the ATC, printed on acrylic paper. I also stamped and embossed snowflakes and then embellished.

Friday, 12 December 2008

12 Days of Christmas Gift Swap

I am part of the byhandartists Yahoo group 12 days of Christmas gift swap and the plan is to make 12 gifts and send one to each of the other 12 members of the group. Each gift is labeled with the day number it is to be opened, with day 13 being opened on your own day. My day is Day 9, so on day 9 when all the others are opening my gift I will be opening day 13 gift. This must be ooh and awed over without revealing what it is. The rest of the gifts can be talked about to our hearts content on the day they are opened. All the gifts have been sent and received and so now we wait until Dec. 13 to start opening Day 1 gift, hey that's tomorrow, oh goodie. In the meantime I have been collecting the gifts in this basket and admiring the lovely packages every time I walk by. Don't forget to check my previous post or the sidebar for a Blog Giveaway and a great sale at Artella.

New Artella Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program. I hope to explore more creativity I have been busy with a number of projects for the last while and one was to join the Artella with this program, share some giveaways with you and perhaps earn a little money with your help so I can buy more art supplies. I downloaded the first ebook freebie and tried out a project inspired by one in the book. I did not have all the supplies listed so I just created my version with what I had on hand. I made these 3 ATCs based an a card project and hope to try more soon. For these 3 I used a yellow-gold cardstock for the background and stamped with a crackle image from a cube stamp and embossed with Pirate's Gold embossing powder. I cut a 2 inch square from dark red cardstock. The small squares are green, brown and yellow-gold cardstock stamped with another image from the cube stamp and embossed with a mixture of Dragon Red, gold and silver embossing powders. These were cut to three quarter inch squares, glued to the 2 inch red square and this was glued to the ATC background. The final touch is the ribbon glued to the top. If you would like to download your own copy of this ebook please use this link or check out the link in my sidebar. If you would like to check out the Annual Gala Sale here Save 55% with the Artella Holiday Gift Gala Super Sale!

or perhaps you'd like to explore other parts of the Artella store here Find thousands of creative products in The Artella Store!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Christmas Countdown

The Ten Two Studio Christmas countdown has started today, so go to the link for some great collage images.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

08 Nov ATC Happiness

08 Nov ATC Happiness
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A scan of Happiness magnet I found in the front door threshold when we moved in. I cut out the image and mounted it on purple cardstock. This was mounted with foam mounting tape on gift bag paper which I misted with water, crumpled then smoothed out and mounted on purple cardstock.

08 Nov ATC Passionate Purple

More of the ATCs taken to the Monthly Grind swap. Gift bag paper mounted on purple cardstock with Cutlebug die cut flowers and one with a silk flower.

08 Nov ATC A Little Fish Music

Some of the ATCs I took to the Grind swap last Sun. For these I started with torn music paper background glued to watercolour paper with matt medium. I scanned the background added my fish image and and printed on watercolour paper. The fish outline was highlighted with black Crayola sketch markers and then coloured with Portfolio Pastels. This was then scanned again and re- sized to ATCs The border of each ATC was then coloured with Portfolio Pastels and blended with a wet paint brush.

Last Sunday was the monthly ATC swap at the Grind in Vancouver, but before the swap began those of us who participated in the "Tell The Bees" tag book received the finished books. Here is my whopping 60 tag pages book. Thanks to our Queen Bee (host) Penelope Harris we have a beautiful book to treasure. Can you smell the beeswax. The covers Penelope created look wonderful and are candy foe the eyes and nose. Our ambitious Queen scanned all the tags, cut and punched them, designed the backs, collected secret messages and bee lore, as well as the wonderful little bead and wire bee on the name tag. All the art is wonderful and a big thanks to the other 14 worker bees. You can catch a glimpse of my tags in the book and check them out in my previous post.

Friday, 31 October 2008

ATC Oct 2008 Flower Garden

Some paper napkin applique ATCs and one yoyo ATC I made for the Sept ATC swap at the Grind. I added small wooden picket fence embellishments to some and small pieces cut from silk flower bushes to others. The bottom right hand corner ATC is paper cut from a gift bag and embellished with a fabric yoyo and button. I made yoyos many years ago, but this is the first one I've made in a long time and the first time I used the new Clover template. It makes the process quicker and easier to do.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Pink Rolodex Swap 2008

Judy of the Byhand Artist's Yahoo group is hosting a Pink theme Altered Rolodex swap and this is a sample of my contribution. I started with a fan brush and painted the woven pattern with 2 shades of acrylic craft paint. I adden a small piece of weaving and the quote "friendship is woven of many threads" The back uses photos of some of my alrered heads and a piece of pink ribbon.

Friday, 17 October 2008

BeeTags Oct 2008

BeeTags Oct 2008
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I am participating in a "Tell The Bees" tag book swap and these are my contribution. Each artist is required to make 1 to 3 tags.

ATC Coffin Oct 2008

ATC Coffin Oct 2008
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ATCs using the Quietfire Design coffin template. For 3 I used Cuttlebug embossing folders for the coffin and rubbed copper pigmant ink on. The other 2 I cut the ciffin a little smaller and cut it into pieces. I then glued to a larger black coffin shape and embossed with gold embossing powder. Pieces of plastic skeleton, wooden birds and stickers are the embellishments.

Holiday Mystery Knit Clue 5

Well here I go again, falling behind on the knitting and then more behind on posting. It is still a puzzle what I am making, but I'll post clue 6 later tonight.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

ATC Oct 2008 Wax Play

ATC Oct 2008 Wax Play
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Todays play time I decided to try melting wax crayons for the first time. I used a piece of corragated cardboard and pealed most of the top layer of one side I was pleased with the results, then decided to add the beads. I think they look like a waterfall. I'm sure I'll be doing more of these.

Holiday Mystery Knit Clues 3 and 4

Well I got a little behind on the mystery kniting and when I started knitting to catch up I forgot to stop and take a photo after day 3. Here is day 3 and 4 finished and photographed all at once. I finished knitting on Oct. 3 and just got time to post now. This is still a mystery at this point. Any ideas?

ATC Oct 2008

ATC Oct 2008
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I spent time on Sat. Oct. 4 playing with my Cuttlebug embossing folders, rubber stamping and my first try at Spirelli. Some had pigment ink rubbed over with a cosmetic sponge to highlight the raised portion of the embossing.

Delicate Bloom ATCs

Delicate Bloom ATCs
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More napkins with rubber stamping and gold embossing. The more faint images are done with the second layer of the paper napkin. Most of these were traded at the Sept swap at the Grind.

Tea Time ATCs

TeaTime ATCs
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Some of these were sent for the Sept Byhand Artists monthly swap and some were swapped at the Grind swap for Sept
All are napkin backgrounds with vintage premium coupons which were in Nabob and Blue Ribbon tea and coffee.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel
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Way back in another lifetime, or last year my friend Linda T asked me to make something for her guardian angel. I was very slow getting this done and by February of 2008 I was about half done the beaded stole I chose to knit, then disaster hit and I slipped on ice and fractured my wrist. Of course this put all knitting on hold for awhile and when I was finally able to hold knitting needles and knit again a new disaster reared it’s ugly head, I had redesigned the stitch pattern to fit the small format of the stole and to add beads. Well of course I had not written my pattern down, so I had to rip back to see what I was doing and write my pattern down. So now I could finish the stole which is knit in gold cotton thread about the weight of bedspread cotton and has multi-coloured beads added in. So now, when Linda had probably given up all hope of ever seeing her guardian angel again, and before any risk of her getting lost in the sea of moving boxes, I mailed it back to her in August. There was a little purse which had small blessing cards and so my blessing to Linda was “Live life with a peaceful mind”.

Heavy Knit Socks

Heavy Knit Socks
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While getting ready for the big move I found a number of treasures, and this pair of socks was one of them. One sock was done and the other just needed the toe finished, so I finished it before packing them. These are knit of a wool and acrylic blend yarn of unknown brand and is a bit heavier than knitting worsted. They should be nice and toasty when my garage studio is in operation and gets chilly.

Holiday Mystery Knit Clue 2

The second clue was posted and I've finished this part, but still no clue as to what I am making. Any ideas? At least I am keeping up so far.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Holiday Mystery Knit Clue 1

Well, since I fractured my wrist last year, I have been slowly getting back into knitting. The Holiday Mystery Gift Knit-a-long Yahoo group has just started a special project with no information as to what we are knitting. This is day one of the pattern clues and I used Berella 4 knitting worsted in medium navy on 4.5mm needles. Now I just need to wait for Tue. to get the next part of the pattern. I will post the next part as soon as it is knit. This is a great way to get my knitting fingers moving and I can't wait to see what this becomes.

Monday, 14 July 2008

52 Quilts Journal Week 2

Since I was on a role I started the week 2 quilt on Sun. For this one I chose a dark blue and gold print from my sample stash and recycled a crochet sample motif. This is the first try at crochet since I broke my wrist and the sample turned out a little large for an ATC, so here it is on my mini quilt. I stitched it on with assorted brown and cream beads and then joined it to the back of quilt 1 to make a page for my journal. Later I will join this to 2 more quilts to make a signature and eventually decide how I will bind the journal.

52 Quilts Journal Week 1

I have decided to take the challenge of creating a 52 Quilts Journal, one a week for a year. I sure hope I can keep it up so here goes. The idea comes from the Feb/March 2008 issue of Quilting Arts magazine and the challenge is to use something recycled or found in each quilt. Since most of the fabric I will use is rescued from fabric sample books that were destined for the landfill, I have that covered, but I will try to incorporate something more is each quilt. I have chosen to make my quilts 6 in. X 6 in. My first quilt for the week ending July 12, 2008 is from my fabric sample stash and the recycled item I've used is a mesh vegetable bag stitched down with 2 sizes of blue and greenish yellow porcelain beads. I think I'm off to a good start and will likely try out different techniques I'd like to explore for future projects.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Christening Dress

So here I am with more historical projects. This Christening dress is sewn from handkerchief linen and the neckline and sleeves are trimmed with a crochet lace edging. The centre panel is assorted crochet samples and motifs in white and ecru cotton. Most of the lace was in my stash and I decided this was a good place to use them. The lace on the bottom is filet crochet and I am pretty sure that I designed and charted it. The crochet roses were created for this dress and buttons were collected from family, including one from a wedding dress. I created this dress for a family member a few years ago.


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I haven't had much time for creating lately but while I was cleaning I came across some photos of past projects, so I'm sharing a bit of my history today. This PNE second place winning stocking is a lace sampler knit with worsted weight yarn with a cotton lace edging added below the ribbing. Burgandy and white flowers and ribbons trim the back. This was made for a niece and there was a bit of a panic when I went to pick up my entries and it was missing. It was soon found with a group entry and all ended well.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Altered Plastic Laminate Pendant

I needed a gift for today and I knew what I wanted to make, but last night I hadn't even started yet. The challenge this week on created byhand is for altered art so here is my filling two project requirements in one. This is similar to the previous Plastic Laminate Pendant, but it was for Leanne of the now closed Ruby Dog's Art House. Since Leanne likes houses and has admired the various forms of my digital house drawing, that's what I used on the front of her pendant. I used microfiche for the window, an old school photo, a key charm and a sailboat charm which also came from Ruby Dog's. The cherish stamp is from the Quietfire Design mini compilation. The back is the same Artella puzzle collage image that I used on Mary-Beth's Tree Fairy pendant.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Complimentary Colours Blue and Orange

I have finally completed 2 ATCs for the June ATC swap and the first one is also my first completed bead knitting project since I broke my wrist is Feb. Blue and Orange Bead Fantasy 1 is orange corrugated with blue handmade tissue and an orange bead knit tag. Blue and Orange Delicate Butterfly is a collage of a recycled butterfly image, pieces from joss paper and ogange beads with the word delicate stamped in blue ink.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Milestone Draw

Well all the names went into my trusty ice bucket and 3 were draw by a totally impartial party, aka my son Jason. The first drawn was Judy, you will receive the copper embossed ATC and the bonus house pin pictured in this post. The second drawn and the recipient of the purple embossed ATC is Angelartistok Ruth C. The third name is ArtCricket Beth and you will receive the silver embossed ATC. If each of you would email me at: with your snail mail address, I will get these in the mail right away. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who celebrated with me.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Plastic Laminate Pendant

I've just gotten the time to post my latest art piece which I made a couple of days ago. I used a plastic laminate sample and lightly sanded both sides, then painted with a light coat of gesso, rubbing a little off in some areas. Next I stamped white pigment ink with a Stampendous Crackle cube and embossed with Pirate's Gold EP. The front image is a portion of Tree Fairy from Mary-Beth's tree photo mounted on black cardstock and applied with gel medium and a silver dragonfly charm. The back has a metal tag curled over cord and glued on with E6000 and a puzzle collage image from Artella. The ends of the cord have silver beads glued on and fibres are looped through the hole on the bottom of the laminate sample.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Milestone Reminder

Don't forget to check out my Milestone Post and add your name to the draw by posting a comment. I was going to do the draw on June 11 but you will have one more day to get your name in as I will draw late on the June 12. Check back on the 13th to see who the winners are. Good Luck to all and thanks for helping me celebrate.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Journal Page With Tags

This weeks Created Byhand Challenge is to use tags in a project so I finished off a journal page I originally created for the spritzes, sprays and splashes challenge. I printed some notes on the back of the page, because this was also my entry in the Artella Paradise challenge and added the tags with photos of my shawl and a bowl of yarn. The tags were aged with Distress Ink Walnut stain. I then tipped the page into my Zutter bound journal