Friday, 31 July 2009

52 Quilts Journal Week 9

The background is cotton fabric sample, the coloured stuff with the heart cut out is a baby wipe I used to clean up previous projects, the Asian fabric behind the heart cut-out is from a fat quarter I bought in Armstrong when I visited my sister.I decided to fringe the fore edge of the page this time. Now you know that heart cut from the baby wipe just can't be wasted, so it will be seen in a future project.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Sewn Illusions Journal Page 3

For this page I used a green background from a bulk supplies store. It looks similar to dryer sheet but coloured. I stitched various scraps of fabric to the background then attached a leftover sample of the dragonfly paper-cloth. This was glued to the album page with sepia Decoupage Finish. I rubber stamped some clear stamp images with black and purple dye inks.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

52 Weeks Quilt Journal Week 8

This page is more of the cloth-paper. The pear is a digitally altered copy of my pear photo and the border is scans of my dragonfly ATC edited to form the border. All these papers were glued to acrylic felt with matt medium and brushed with 2 more coats of matt medium. I outlined stitched the pear with rayon thread, used a decorative stitch around the pear block. The border is random stitched with black thread and the outer edge is zig-zag stitched with black thread.

52 Weeks Quilt Journal Week 7

This page is a fabric sample background. The heart is torn watercolour paper brushed with Royal Coat sepia Decoupage Finish and torn rubber stamped papers applied then brushed over the top with more of the sepia decoupage finish.The lace ribbon and paper heart were stitched on the background and then the edge was machine stitched around.

Paper-Cloth ATC 1

Paper-Cloth ATC 1
Originally uploaded by okanagan_spirit
I'm experimenting with paper-cloth and for this ATC I scanned and printed the dragonfly ATC on regular printer paper. I coated acrylic felt with matt medium and applied the paper image, then coated the image with 2 coats of matt medium. This was cut to size and machine stitched around the edge.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

July ATC Memories In Texture

I placed a piece of plastic mesh vegetable bag and glued string on to cereal box cardboard cut to ATC size. I then wrapped heavy duty aluminium foil over the top and gently rubbed over the surface to emboss the textures. The extra foil was wrapped to the back of the card. next I sponged FW acrylic ink over the foil and heat set. I brushed diluted Diamond Glaze and allowed it to dry. I added a glass leaf bead and a metal tag embossed with "memories" using a silver brad to hold it in place.

The back is watercolour paper, misted with water and the FW acrylic inks dropped on and moved around a bit to blend. This was also heat set. This is a little more like I expected with the dragonfly backgrounds, but I'm liking both now.

Friday, 24 July 2009

July ATC Dragonfly

July ATC Dragonfly
Originally uploaded by okanagan_spirit
Some ATCs I made just playing with supplies I have on hand. I used shiny cardstock that was pre-cut to ATC size and made a background with FW acrylic ink in Purple lake and olive green and Pearlescent liquid acrylic in birdwing copper. This didn't turn out quite the way I expected, but I carried on and rubber stamped with the dragonfly and Hematite ep along with a light sprinkle of some mixed embossing powders. Then I cut the ATC down to 2 in x 3 in so I could layer it over 2 other pieces of cardstock.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Tea Themed ATC for July

Tea Themed ATC for July
Originally uploaded by okanagan_spirit
Here's a few more tea themed ATCs I got ready in time for Sunday's swap at the Grind. All the mini tags are from the Quickutz Squeeze die cutting machine. We had a great, lively swap with 2 new swappers in attendance.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Exploring Waves Bag

Exploring Waves Bag
Originally uploaded by okanagan_spirit
I've been progressing along on this bag and am now about 50% done. I'm still loving the gentle shading of the yarn.

July ATC Swap at The Grind

Here is another batch of the butterfly digital background, this time with a goddess theme. Most of the rubberstamps are from Quietfire Design.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

July ATC Swap at The Grind

Digital image background and rubber stamps from Quietfire Design. I rotated and cropped the digital images I was using to practise layers in Photoshop Elements. I tried out different embossing powders and added bling embellishments.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

ATC July Butterflies

ATC July Butterflies
Originally uploaded by okanagan_spirit
I used white cardstock and stamped the Quietfire Design stamp then used cosmetic sponges to apply Distress Inks. The butterflies are stamped with purple dye based ink and the cardstock was trimmed 2.25in x3.25in and mounted onto a 2.5in x 3.5in dark blue cardstock.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

July ATC Dragonfly in Black and White

Here are some more ATCs I made today. These ones are paper napkin applique backgrounds with dragonfly rubber stamped on white cardstock and cut out. The words are cut from a stamping of the "Love where you're at" rubber stamp from Quietfire Design There is a small white or black rhinestone on each for a little bling.

ATC July 09 Lavender Tea 2

Rubber stamping, Cuttlebug embossing, lettering done with Misty Plum Zig Writter.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Lavender Tea ATC

I've taken a break from knitting for awhile today and worked on some ATCs. I still have some tea themed paper napkins from doing the pages for the Tea Fat Book, so I did some ATCs. I cut my cardstock to 3.5in x 5in and folded it to 2.5in x 3.5in and cut the top corners to resemble a tea bag shape. I used matt medium to glue a piece of the paper napkin to the front side of the ATC. I used my Moxie font for the Quick Kutz squeeze die cut machine and glued the work "tea" on the front. On the back I rubbed some purple ink over the cardstock then stamped a gauze background stamp with Tea Dye Distressed Ink. I wrote the title with a purple Pilot gel ink pen. I used double stick tape to close the bottom and side to form a pocket.
The front of the little Tea "Bag" tag that goes into the packet was made from a 2in x 2.5in piece of Core Color cardstock, corners cut and stamped with the gauze stamp and Tea Dye Distress Ink the run through the Cuttlebug embossing folder. I used matt medium to glue a paper napkin lavender image on. The back of the tag is white cardstock stamped with the gauze stamp and tea cup stamp.

My First Felt Bead

My First Felt Bead
Originally uploaded by okanagan_spirit
I finally did it!!! I made a wet felt bead. I went to the Farmers Market on Sunday and after checking out all the fruits and vegetables that were available and buying a nice supply I checked some of the other booths. What a great discovery of a lady at one of the booths with colourful pieces of wool roving. She allowed me to choose a couple of colours and showed me how to make a wet felt bead. I came home with this treasure which I may embellish with some seed beads and turn it into a necklace, I haven't decided for sure yet. If I do I'll post the results.

Blog Award

I was given an award by Linda C it's my first so thanks Linda.
Part of the award is to list 10 things about me and pass the award to 7 other blogs, so here goes.
  1. I love lilac trees, but didn't realize how much until I got them back after more then 17 years without lilacs.
  2. I try to use every scrap I have, bits of knitting yarn, paper, fabric and anything I can find.
  3. I enjoy knitting and reading outside as long as there is shade for me to sit in and I love listening to the birds sing.
  4. I enjoy making journals with my Zutter Bind-It-All and hope to try other bookbinding techniques.
  5. I wish I had more flowers in my own yard, right now I have to borrow gardens for photography.
  6. I enjoy making ATCs and swapping online and at a monthly in person swap.
  7. I love collecting buttons and creating with them.
  8. My favourite colours are purple and green.
  9. I love knitting lace, and bead knitting, knitting to felt especially journal wraps and my next favourite is knitting texture.
  10. I enjoy exploring new art and techniques.
For the blogs I am giving the awards to I have chosen most from blogs of people who entered my last blog candy award and I had intended to visit, so now I have taken the time to do just that.
  1. Karen doesn't always post photos, but she writes so well about her knitting and family, I've even gotten delightful emails from her.
  2. Beth posts lovely art and techniques and stories about her family and adventures at the farmers market. Always a nice read.
  3. Jane's blog is another knitting blog that offers some beautiful finished objects to read about and see.
  4. artlover has several blogs and you may want to check them out, but the one I've awarded the award to has some great techniques to try.
  5. vintagekathleen is doing an amazing job and service to other knitters by charting some really lovely lace knitting patterns from an old book. She and the patterns are a treasure.
  6. Karen shares great stories about spinning, quilting, knitting and family adventures.
  7. Janet post the most beautiful digital art, mixed media, recycled art and quilts.

    Thanks to all for giving me wonderful places to visit and to Linda for the award and the chance to do this.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Exploring Waves Bag

Exploring Waves Bag
Originally uploaded by okanagan_spirit
This is the first bit of knitting I started June 29 on the Exploring Waves Bag. I am using Araucania yarn on 3.00mm needles and size 6/0 silver lined matt amethyst seed beeds.
I’m enjoying knitting this project. The yarn is easy to knit, the pattern has just enough pattern to be interesting without being complicated and I love the gentle shading of the yarn.

Digital Photos

I am still very much stumbling around with Photo Shop Elements but I took time to play with layers over the last couple of days. I started with this photo and added a scan of one of my encaustic wax backgrounds and came up with this.

Then I tried this photo and used scans of painted backgrounds to create these photos.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Great Weekend

Last weekend was pretty great, I started Sat morning with a little weeding, not my favourite activity, but it makes the yard look better. When I came in I decided to search in boxes for a piece of denim fabric I had, didn't find the denim, but opened another box and found to my great delight the shuttle for my knitting machine. It went missing during our move and I probably would have used the knitting machine last year to make the felted journal wraps instead of hand knitting 13 of these in such a short time. Oh well, I'm sure everyone who received the journals appreciate them being hand knit instead of by machine. Sat afternoon I went to Cherish The Thought scrapbooking store in Port Moody for the demo of the Quick Kutz Squeeze die cut machine and make and take. We made these cute cards using the dress die and an embossing folder and an alpha die set.

Then I decided I liked the Moxie alphabet and used it to put a title on my Sewn Illusion journal. I liked the cover the way it was, so didn't do much to it besides the die cut letters and I borrowed the ribbon and sewing bobbin idea from Penelope that she used for the Tea Book.