Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel
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Way back in another lifetime, or last year my friend Linda T asked me to make something for her guardian angel. I was very slow getting this done and by February of 2008 I was about half done the beaded stole I chose to knit, then disaster hit and I slipped on ice and fractured my wrist. Of course this put all knitting on hold for awhile and when I was finally able to hold knitting needles and knit again a new disaster reared it’s ugly head, I had redesigned the stitch pattern to fit the small format of the stole and to add beads. Well of course I had not written my pattern down, so I had to rip back to see what I was doing and write my pattern down. So now I could finish the stole which is knit in gold cotton thread about the weight of bedspread cotton and has multi-coloured beads added in. So now, when Linda had probably given up all hope of ever seeing her guardian angel again, and before any risk of her getting lost in the sea of moving boxes, I mailed it back to her in August. There was a little purse which had small blessing cards and so my blessing to Linda was “Live life with a peaceful mind”.


Candy said...

Dear Joanne,
WOW - how beautiful is that shawl!! I am sure your friend didn't mind the wait once she received the gift! Love the idea of the purse with the Blessings cards.
So wonderful to see you working your magic needles again.
Love Candy

Anonymous said...

Joanne, it was so worth the wait!! And the picture does not show the beauty of the shawl. Closer up on the shawl would really do it a favour. I have my angel here for a while, I want to put something on her before she starts her journey. I will treasure what you have done for the rest of my life.


okanagan_spirit said...

Thanks Linda and Candy. A quick photo in the middle of moving boxes was all I could manage before sending her on to you. I didn't want her to get lost on the way and didn't get the shawl close up.