Friday, 12 December 2008

12 Days of Christmas Gift Swap

I am part of the byhandartists Yahoo group 12 days of Christmas gift swap and the plan is to make 12 gifts and send one to each of the other 12 members of the group. Each gift is labeled with the day number it is to be opened, with day 13 being opened on your own day. My day is Day 9, so on day 9 when all the others are opening my gift I will be opening day 13 gift. This must be ooh and awed over without revealing what it is. The rest of the gifts can be talked about to our hearts content on the day they are opened. All the gifts have been sent and received and so now we wait until Dec. 13 to start opening Day 1 gift, hey that's tomorrow, oh goodie. In the meantime I have been collecting the gifts in this basket and admiring the lovely packages every time I walk by. Don't forget to check my previous post or the sidebar for a Blog Giveaway and a great sale at Artella.

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