Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Holiday Mystery Knit Clues 3 and 4

Well I got a little behind on the mystery kniting and when I started knitting to catch up I forgot to stop and take a photo after day 3. Here is day 3 and 4 finished and photographed all at once. I finished knitting on Oct. 3 and just got time to post now. This is still a mystery at this point. Any ideas?


Candy said...

I don't know how many more days of patterns there will be? I wonder if it is going to be a purse or bag of some kind? Probably not! That would be too obvious - they want it to be something really different, I am sure.
I don't know about you - but I can hardly wait to see what it is !!

Yogi said...

Well It could be a cardigan type sweater knit from wrist to wrist and then sewn up the sides and underarms. I guess that odd shape on the left could eventually be a closure. Very skinny arms though. Maybe tomorrow will shed some light on it.