Monday, 29 September 2008

Holiday Mystery Knit Clue 1

Well, since I fractured my wrist last year, I have been slowly getting back into knitting. The Holiday Mystery Gift Knit-a-long Yahoo group has just started a special project with no information as to what we are knitting. This is day one of the pattern clues and I used Berella 4 knitting worsted in medium navy on 4.5mm needles. Now I just need to wait for Tue. to get the next part of the pattern. I will post the next part as soon as it is knit. This is a great way to get my knitting fingers moving and I can't wait to see what this becomes.

1 comment:

N. Maria said...

Your first clue looks great!
Can't wait to see your second clue.
You have a wonderful and interesting blog!
Maria in WA