Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My Finished Envelope Book

I think I've said this before, Sunday was the big day, our regular ATC Vancouver monthly swap at The Grind and the delivery of my Envelope Book. I love Penelope's creative wrapping.

It's always such a pleasure to receive the collaborative projects back from Penelope.

This is the very interesting recycled wrapping Penelope used to present my envelope book to me last Sun. Isn't it fabulous, I have saved it to use in future projects.

My front cover, we were given the pre-punched covers along with the envelopes and each of us decorated the covers for our own book. You saw these as lonely covers waiting for pages in this precious post.

This is a view of all the pages, doesn't this just make you want to see more?

This is the back cover of my book made with sepia varnished scrapbook paper, distressed chipboard and a digital image of a vintage envelope with digital text added.
So I have another wonderful treasure to add to my collection, I know I am very lucky to be a part of this ATC group.

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Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Beautiful- it does make you want to see more! I wish we had a local group!!