Monday, 9 August 2010

August 7 Greeting Card

The neat nique for Aug 7 at Cherish The Thought is a head start on Christmas cards with a peel-offs ornament on white cardstock, coloured with gel pens then mounted on green cardstock. This is mounted on black handmade paper, then onto a paler green cardstock and finally onto the green card blank. The sentiment is embossed with a Crafts Too folder on the dark side of double-sided scrapbook paper and sanded. Just don't look too closely at my colouring mistake which has nothing to do with Jessie's teaching, but is all my own.


Ruby's Girl said...

I like this card Joanne. I have bought these stickies over the years but never seem to do much with them other than on an envelope for decoration. I will look more closely at them in the future as it does make a beautiful card.

Yogi said...

very nice. Beats me where the color mistake is. Sheesh.
Love all the layers and combinations and sanding.

Charmaine Stack said...

Nice, Joanne. I have the gel pens and the peel offs. Need to give this a go sometime.