Monday, 2 August 2010

Greeting Card For July 31

Here is the card I made at Cherish The Thought for the Sat Neat Nique. For this we used a fern stamp and stamped it with Versamark on shiny cardstock, the drew random circles with a clear glaze pen. Next step was to brayer ink from a Big and Juicy Waterfall ink pad onto the cardstock, then rubbed with a tissue to reveal the fern and circles. Now we used a different fern stamp and stamped it on another shiny cardstock. This was layered over coloured cardstock, then over the masked and brayered piece, over another cardstock and finally on a green card black
I think it's very pretty and this is the first time I did masking and brayering ink like this. Big fun and I need a Big and Juicy ink pad.


Yogi said...

very nice. love the colors you used. The resist backgrounds are very addictive. I love doing them.

PS I have a tendency to stay away from multi colored ink pads, since if you don't store them right (or if they weren't shipped right), all the inks merge together.

I prefer making my own stamp pads with reinkers, & a piece of foam or felt and storing it in a plastic baggie. Or using Adirondack pads that separate when you're not using them.

Ruby's Girl said...

Joanne this is a very pretty card. Thanks for the instructions too. I have used the shiny cardstock only a couple of times and need to try this out with this resist technique. And that is good advice from Yogi too.
Lovely card!

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

The colors are wonderful!

Charmaine Stack said...

Very nice, Joanne. Cherish the Thought sounds like a fun place to hang out!