Monday, 8 March 2010

Embossing Folder Samples

While I was doing the card project at Cherish The Thought on Sat I also perused all the Cuttlebug Folders Jessie had on the wall. I was so impressed with the sample cards that help to really get a look and feel of the texture and if the folder was sold out I could still see what it looked like, and order if I wanted it. I found 2 new ones I wanted in stock, so I came home happy for now. The idea is so great that I made my version with chipboard covers and embossed cardstock with all of the folders I have right now and can easily add more samples as I acquire more folders.


Ruby's Girl said...

What a great idea Joanne! The ones on the front and back cover are done on what kind of paper though? I was looking at the scrapbook place near me and they did not have any silver paper like that. Hmm I wonder if Suzanne does on her site. Nice way to see what you have without digging them all out and I think I am going to steal your idea. ; )

okanagan_spirit said...

Thanks Judy. The front and back cover embossed pieces are Recollections Cardstock precious metals and comes in an assorted package. I got it when Michaels had a very good sale. As far as stealing the idea, go for it, I already stole it from Jessie.

Angelartistok said...

Fabulous idea! I think I'll case it so I can see what I want to play with especially when designing cards for the troops.

Thanks for sharing!

Big Hugs,
Ruth C

Yogi said...

very nice. I have mine in my pink journal that has impressions of all my punches, dies and folders. Such a great resource and full of inspiration when i thumb through it.

Charmaine Stack said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it!