Tuesday, 7 July 2009

My First Felt Bead

My First Felt Bead
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I finally did it!!! I made a wet felt bead. I went to the Farmers Market on Sunday and after checking out all the fruits and vegetables that were available and buying a nice supply I checked some of the other booths. What a great discovery of a lady at one of the booths with colourful pieces of wool roving. She allowed me to choose a couple of colours and showed me how to make a wet felt bead. I came home with this treasure which I may embellish with some seed beads and turn it into a necklace, I haven't decided for sure yet. If I do I'll post the results.


Yogi said...

so what does it mean a wet felt bead?? Love the color and putting seed beads and stuff sounds good.

Nicholas said...

Way cool!!!