Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Blog Award

I was given an award by Linda C it's my first so thanks Linda.
Part of the award is to list 10 things about me and pass the award to 7 other blogs, so here goes.
  1. I love lilac trees, but didn't realize how much until I got them back after more then 17 years without lilacs.
  2. I try to use every scrap I have, bits of knitting yarn, paper, fabric and anything I can find.
  3. I enjoy knitting and reading outside as long as there is shade for me to sit in and I love listening to the birds sing.
  4. I enjoy making journals with my Zutter Bind-It-All and hope to try other bookbinding techniques.
  5. I wish I had more flowers in my own yard, right now I have to borrow gardens for photography.
  6. I enjoy making ATCs and swapping online and at a monthly in person swap.
  7. I love collecting buttons and creating with them.
  8. My favourite colours are purple and green.
  9. I love knitting lace, and bead knitting, knitting to felt especially journal wraps and my next favourite is knitting texture.
  10. I enjoy exploring new art and techniques.
For the blogs I am giving the awards to I have chosen most from blogs of people who entered my last blog candy award and I had intended to visit, so now I have taken the time to do just that.
  1. Karen doesn't always post photos, but she writes so well about her knitting and family, I've even gotten delightful emails from her.
  2. Beth posts lovely art and techniques and stories about her family and adventures at the farmers market. Always a nice read.
  3. Jane's blog is another knitting blog that offers some beautiful finished objects to read about and see.
  4. artlover has several blogs and you may want to check them out, but the one I've awarded the award to has some great techniques to try.
  5. vintagekathleen is doing an amazing job and service to other knitters by charting some really lovely lace knitting patterns from an old book. She and the patterns are a treasure.
  6. Karen shares great stories about spinning, quilting, knitting and family adventures.
  7. Janet post the most beautiful digital art, mixed media, recycled art and quilts.

    Thanks to all for giving me wonderful places to visit and to Linda for the award and the chance to do this.


Jane said...

Well - thank you!!! I'm flattered!

artlover said...

Thank you so much!
I'm tickled pink;-)

Warmest Regards
Mariette xox

Janet said...

Thank you for the award. I'm honoured, even if I don't knit.

Karen said...

Thank you! I am encouraged to get going and post those promised photos - it would be a good week to get it done since one of the house computer elves is away at camp. And now of course I need to pass the award along - as soon as I figure out how to include the graphic.

Thanks again - and love the lacy black and white dragonflies.

artlover said...

I received your message Joanny.
Sorry about the name mixed up.

Warm Regards
Mariette xox