Friday, 1 January 2010

Knit Spa Washcloth

Knit Spa Washcloth
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This washcloth I finished in time to give to my son for Christmas and just grabbed it back long enough for a photo before he starts using it. This one has 4 different tree images knitted in, too bad they don't show up as well with this yarn as they would have with plain colour yarn. This was knit with Bernat cotton and 4.50 mm needles. It takes a bit of concentration, but is not too difficult a pattern to knit, the next time I do this it will be with a plain colour yarn. This pattern was offered to the members of holidaymysterygiftknitalong Yahoo group in 2008 and now can be purchased from the designer at Knitwits Alley

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Ruby's Girl said...

Hi Joanne,
This is a lovely wash cloth! I am going to go and check out the site and see if a rookie can make these or not. I am working on a scarf but got four scarves for Christmas so maybe I need some red wash cloths instead. I am a pro at ripping apart knitting and starting again. Love this washcloth !