Monday, 23 March 2009

Beeswax Collage

Beeswax Collage
Originally uploaded by okanagan_spirit
Here are more Bee Tags for my Bee Tag Book. The tag on the left is regular collage with some flowers and the bee added with foam tape for extra dimension. The tag on the right is my first beeswax collage project. I used beeswax to add the background and then added extra layers of flowers and a leaf. This tag was then added to a black cardstock for extra strength. I thought it might make a nice cover, but I think I'll try again and improve my beeswax collage technique. Both tags are made from gift bag paper.


Mary-Beth said...

Love your Bee tags Joanne, they are wonderful!

ArtCricket said...

They are wonderful! I love beeswax, the way it feels and smells!

Anonymous said...

These tags are way too kewl....I wonder if that is why Mary-Beth is presently so excited about tags..