Tuesday, 12 February 2008

2008 Birthday Book

Here it is in all it's glory and probably more detail that you ever wanted to see. I had a lot of fun with this and started with a trial run by creating a similar book for the Byhand Artists Valentine Mingle which ended up going to Yogi. I learnt how to do paper casting to include in the book and got plenty of help along the way from Yogi and Linda T. I proceeded with designing the pages. I had chosen to use a 7.5 X 9.75 composition book which I had purchached from the dollar store and then realized that the signatures would be too large for printing the digital part of the project. I needed to do a hinged signature and got a suggestion from Yogi to use twill tape and from Suzanne to sew the twill tape to the pages. I ended up stitching without thread in my machine to get nice even holes for sewing and them did the sewing by hand. So thanks to Linda T., Suzzane and Yogi for helping me create her gift and the Birthday Book for my mom.
I removed the pages of the composition book and used scrapbook paper on the outside and inside of the front and back cover. I place 3 of my paux postage on the front cover, one is from the cast paper magnolia and made for this project. On the inside of the front cover I used a Quietfire Design rubber stamp, which is a Christmas stamp, and I masked out the word Christmas and replaced with the word Birthday. Page 1 has my blog header image at the top, a scan of some of my crochet lace, a cast paper glove with a heart and is done on coffee stained watercolour paper.
Page 2 & 3 have a digital scrapbook background and digital images. Page two has the cast paper magnolia, a cast paper heart and a heart charm. Page three is more Quietfire quote stamps, some digital images, a doll which has butterfly wings added and an old school photo of myself which has been tinted.
Pages 4 & 5 is more coffee stained watercolour paper with some digital images, my crochet lace and lots of rubber stamping, some of which are more Quietfire Design quotes and embellishment stamps.
Page 6 & 7 have a background scan of my knit linen lace centerpice and more digital images. The pocket on page 6 is formed from scrapbook lace image and has a card with a quote stamp on the back and which can be removed. Page 7 has an old key on a card, a tag in the pocket and a tassle added to the fan image.

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