Sunday, 6 September 2009

August ATCs For The Monthly Swap

I have been trying some paper-cloth projects out for the last while so I decided to continue with that technique for this months swap. One of the themes was pets so I did a variation on the 52 Quilts Page I did awhile back. For the first set I used a photo of my brother and the first ATC I tried the effect of Royal Coat Decoupage Finish Sepia on a black and white print. I used decoupage finish to glue the photo to a piece of gauze bandage (relax it is new) and then brushed with 3 coats of finish, allowing each to dry before adding the next coat. I rubber stamped "Love my dog" with StazOn Blazing Red ink. The gauze didn't exactly unravel but I distressed it by pulling on the threads with an awl. The centre photo is the original print of the black and white photo applied with matt gell medium again brushing on 3 coats over the top. The last photo is digitally altered to sepia tone and again applied with matt medium. The second set of ATCs is a photo of my sister taken by me with a very simple little box camera I had. I used the same procedure as above with a black and white and sepia decoupage finish, a black and white with matt medium and a digitally altered sepia print with matt medium.

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ArtCricket2 said...

I thought these were wonderful. Which reminds me I didn't post which ones I kept.