Friday, 23 January 2009

Holiday Mystery Shawl Knit-Along

I am participating in a shawl knit- along on Holiday Mystery Gifts Knit Along Yahoo group. Instead of a shawl I decided to to a tablecloth in bedspread cotton no. 10 in ecru on 3.00mm needles. This is clues one and 2 finished. The designer posts several pattern choices with each clue and I chose to start with Birds Eye, then knit Inverted Aran Wheatears and finished up clue 2 with Fircone. I have started clue three knitting Candlelight pattern. This will take me a few days and I will have another photo then.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I'd love to see this shawl stretched out!

I'm working on the same one (with linen, hopefully it'll be able to be used as a shawl or a tablecloth since I'm not much of a shawl wearer...I may want to wear it to the Robin Hood performance my 2 younger boys will be in come May. (And may see if I can find a bow or/and arrow motif to sneak in... possibly in place of what's already in the pattern... haven't decided yet!)

Right now I'm up to the 12 row section. Have not decided which pattern to use there yet!