Sunday, 13 July 2014

Needle Felt Rabbit

Well it sure has been a long time since I've been here to post. The trouble is while I was away someone moved all the furniture, now I need to figure out how to do this posting.

Well here goes...this project was from January, I have been doing art, just not posting. This is my first dimensional needle felting and I think she turned out quite good, even though I think the ears are a little funny.

This little cutie is 5 inches tall and is totally needle felted without a base, just all wool felting.


Quietfire said...

Oh, he's adorable. *smacky!* (that's a long distance kiss from me for bunny!)

Beth Akins said...

So wonderful! I'm so glad to see what you are up to- I'm with Suzanne a "Smooch" for this sweet thing!