Thursday, 6 May 2010

Distressed Journal

I am so excited about my new toy, umm art tool. Just about a week ago I saw the Zutter Distrezz- it All and thought it would be a great tool for me. I just got it yesterday from Cherish The Thought and I have a nice 5.5in X 8.5in journal all ready to work on, but figured I better try the tool out before using it on that journal. I cut Kraft cardstock into 4.25X5.5 in pages and took 5 pieces to try distressing by running the cardstock in the direction of the cutting wheel. I then tried 5 more pages going in the reverse direction of the wheel, this gives a bit more distressing. Last I took 5 pages and went back and forth to get another look. Now after doing all these pages I figured I better do something with them, so this little journal was born. I used the cardboard from the back of a watercolour pad for covers and distressed them. Next I made dividers for the three different styles of distressing. I punched all this with the Zutter Bind-it-All and used black wires. Now I have this very nice shabby chic but naked journal. Well I need to do something about that, so I rubber stamped a border just in front of the wires, found some silk flowers I could use. They needed a little bit more so I cut some cardstock with a Sizzex die and rubber stamped and curved the petals and edged them with sage green pigment ink. The final touch is the corrugated tag with a vintage image and Cherish rubber stamped on a scrap of cardstock. Every Moment is computer generated text on a piece of the same cardstock I used for the die cut flowers. I love the journal and will enjoy working in it. I love the Distezz-it-All too, it's a great tool and the first time I've gotten one so new on the market.
Note the link to Cherish The Thought is now directed to their new website.


Yogi said...

nice. sounds like a good little tool for you. BIG GRIN

Lindart said...

Love the new journal!! The Zutter is going to be my next big purchase - I can't wait!!