Thursday, 25 June 2009

Holiday Activities

I have been missing from blog posts because of a three week visit in the Okanagan with family and friends, and it's taken me awhile to get caught up with things at home. The bus trip home was quite an experience with a 2 hour delay waiting for an accident to be cleared. No knitting handy, so reading was the activity of choice while waiting, but I did get some knitting done in quiet moments in between visiting and shopping.
Here are some projects just waiting for a trip to the washer for felting and finishing so I'll post the completed projects when that is done.
The shopping involved a visit to a quilt store in Armstrong, Scrapbooking stores in Vernon and Kelowna, a bead store, secondhand book store and a yarn shop with treasures found in each. The yarn store revealed some odd balls of yarn and a Louisa Harding drawstring bag pattern, which was finished knitting in a couple of days and now is just waiting for the drawstring cord to be completed.

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Anonymous said...

Joanne I was in Kelowna today and wondered if you had headed home yet. Love the bag it turned out very well didn't it? I am sure you will make many more of them. Today I clothes shopped with only a quick visit to Micheals. Not nearly as much fun as our shopping trip. Glad you are home safe and sound!!
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