Monday, 25 May 2009

52 Quilts Journal Week 5

52 Quilts Day 5
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I was playing with dripping acrylic ink on to a used dryer sheet a while back, didn't turn out quite the way I wanted, most of the colour went right through to the baby wipe I had underneath. Of course it can't be wasted, so it went into the box of stuff for my 52 Quilts Journal project. I spread matt medium on the dryer sheet then placed scraps of paper napkin over the gel medium. I coated the whole thing with more gel medium and allowed to dry. I used a very pale purple craft felt under the dryer sheet and stitched with white and black thread, stitching on the ribbon as well. The leaves from the napkin image are roughly outlined with straight stitching with the black thread. I am pleased with the results.

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Yogi said...

You should be. It looks great