Thursday, 2 April 2009

52 Quilts Journal Week 3

Well I'm finally back to my weekly journal quilt project after doing only 2 pages and then having to move. I plan to keep up with 1 page a week for a total of 52 weeks and use something recycled on each page.
I tried out my first needle felting without using a fabric background and created this flower. Any resemblance to a living flower is accidental, but if you think it looks like a real flower let me know. I had fun with this, the petals are made from Bernat Felting wool yarn. I used a piece a little longer that double the size I wanted the petal to be, fluffed the yarn and folded it in half and needle felted from the fold, leaving a small area at the cut end unfelted. I made 7 petals, overlapped the unfelted ends and needle felted to join into a flower. For the centre I made a small ball of another colour of the yarn and needle felted it to the flower and stitched assorted size beads on. Size 10 seed beads are 3 bead back stitch which also sews the flower to the journal page.
The page back is fabric from a fabric sample book which was saved from being discarded. The background is part of a piece of felt I made many years ago for a long forgotten project. I used more of the Bernat yarn to couch around the brown areas of the felt with magenta nylon thread. The ends of the yarn are needle felted to add interest and prevent them from unravelling.

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Yogi said...

very nice. Love the bead work with the felting.